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Historical information resides in a vast array of sources. I have a knowledge of the federal records system (including the National Archives) and have conducted research across the country in a wide variety of archives, libraries, government offices, and private collections. I can decipher the arcane systems used to organize historical records, effectively employ on-line resources, and develop targeted Freedom of Information Act requests to systematically gather the available historical record.

I document what is collected, but I can also document what was unavailable in the surviving records – a fact that can be just as important when addressing legal issues.

I can present findings in narrative reports, affidavits, depositions, and trial testimony, and can coordinate efforts with experts from other disciplines.  I understand that the legal process requires authentication of historical evidence, and follow careful procedures to document historical research.

Research and factual investigation

  • Locate and retrieve publicly available historical information
  • Synthesize publicly available records with the privately held internal documents exchanged in discovery
  • Prepare summary and expert reports of our research findings
  • Deliver authenticated evidence for use in legal proceedings

Historical consulting for discovery and motions

  • Assist in preparing discovery requests and interrogatories
  • Draft requests for admissions of fact that are useful for summary judgment
  • Weigh the credibility and reliability of historical materials provided by opposing parties, experts, and eyewitnesses

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