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I provide professional, confidental, and affordable paralegal assistance and legal investigation services on a contract basis to attorneys and law firms. My services are ideal for small to medium firms or sole practitioners who may require extra help on larger cases or projects, but do not have the need for an additional employee.

When you contract with me, you can be assured that every hour billed by me is directly billable to your client. When you use a contract paralegal or investigator, there's no need to factor in employee overhead costs such as health insurance, paid holidays, withholding, pension, workers comp, etc.

I am committed to excellence and have earned industry-recognized paralegal certification through the National Association for Legal Assistants (NALA). To stay informed on the latest changes in law and procedure, I regularly attend seminars and educational workshops.

Services Can Include:

  • Review, Organize, Scan and Index Documents and Discovery

  • Investigation of factual matters

  • Site inspections and photography

  • Assist in preparation of discovery requests and responses

  • Legal and internet research

  • Locate and interview witnesses

  • Maintain Case Materials (including discovery, witness files, defense documents, interviews, transcripts, pleadings, etc.)

  • Transcribe Audio Recordings

  • Summarize Trial and Deposition Transcripts

  • Prepare Trial Notebooks and Exhibits

  • Act as Liaison Between Attorney and Client and/or Witnesses

  • Provide Trial Support (witness coordination, document and exhibit maintenance, daily trancript summarization, trial notes, etc.)

  • Attend and assist at mediation, arbitration, and trial

Please contact me to discuss my services, affordable rates, and how I can help your practice.